About Us

Digito Move Company started in May 2021 by Epaphradito Lugayavu, a fullstack software Engineer, as an Online Software Development Business, contracting different invidual and company size projects for a number of startups and already established businesses.

In 2023, the company has received a number of projects involving making websites and mobile apps and Management Systems for different businesses accross the country. The business growth has been attributed to the resilience of the Director, who always finds a way forward even in hard times.

Currently, Digito Move provides services that include; System Development, for both Desktop and the web, Mobile App Development, Deployment of software products, both enterprise and customized, acquisition of Enterprise software systems for Use with or without subscriptions, among others.

Mission and Vision
Our Mission
Our Target...

To provide affordable and reliable software systems and knowledge to everyone, locally and globally, improving efficiency and productivity, to individuals and Businesses.

Our Vision
Projecting the future ...

To be the number one Digital Migration Solution provider accross the globe, in terms of Software, and Digital Literacy.

Core Values
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Technical Know-how
  • Resilience
  • Diligence
  • Affordability
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Projecting the future, precise targets...

  • To Own an Office by July 2024
  • To Educate over 5 People in terms of Software development by July 2024
  • To Increase sales, projects, by 40% until July 2024
  • To Hire at least 2 people by July 2024
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We aim to achieve the following Objectives;

  • To promote Digital Migration accross the Universe.
  • To Provide Digital Literacy (Knowledge) through training.
  • To Encourage the use of Technology through educating the people, ushering in and accelerating the Digital Age.
  • To Find and Apply new approaches to problem solving using Technology, and specifically, using software applications.
  • To Improve existing software solutions through research.
  • To make software development and software products affordable to majority of the population.
  • To Enable the Tech-enthuasiates find their potential in the world of competition and speed.